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Sportsseam.com is a year old startup focusing on sports using machine learning, chatbot and computer vision technologies. We are looking for enthusiastic engineers with good programming and analytical skills. You'll join a very dynamic small agile team with informal open hour work culture. This is a perfect match for you If like to solve tough problems, develop cutting age technologies, work hard, desire to aim-high. Don't waste our (and yours too) time if you are not ready to commit to excellence, take an exciting, high speed, high potential career involving great technical stuff. On a side note, we pay excellent for excellence.

We are currently looking for colleagues at Pune however exceptions can be worked our to work from Bangalore for strong candidates.

Current Openings

Email Us : join@sportsseam.com

Computer Vision Engineer - (Number of positions 2)

Responsibility - Using Deep Neural Networks and other algorithm solve proprietary computer Vision problems. Build world class algorithms to specialized machine vision problems in object/human detection/recognition and localization/tracking in images and videos.

Skill-set - Experience working on image and video processing, knowledge and experience of deep networks (applied to segmentation, identification is plus). Knows at least one Language (python, C, C++ preferred). Postgraduate degree is appreciated but not required.

Requirements - Should be able to work on his own (as a part of bigger team) given guidelines and the requirements from the application. Should be able to learn from online resources. will spend almost 50% of time in programming and rest would be design and research. Must be a good communicator.

Senior Software Engineer and Software Engineer - (Number of positions 2)

Responsibility - Develop backend systems to support a alexa skill, assistant action, and apps. Integrate the backend developemnts in question parsing & answering technology, predictive systems along with media serving technology into existing alexa skill, assistant action or ios/android app or web-app.

Skill-set - Knows at least one language effectively. Knowledge of Python is must unless the candidate can demonstrate quick learning skills and excellent analytical skills and expertise in any other language. Working Knowledge of databases, web services, html and front end technology is expected. Participation in Hackathon or programming contests, contribution to open source is a big plus. Few years of industry experience would be a plus.

Machine Learning Engineer - (Number of positions 1)

Responsibility - Develop ML models and Statistical models to predict player performance, game outcomes (probabilistic analysis). Design models for designing game strategies, develop models to answer hypothetical questions.

Skill-set - Has worked with ML and Statistical Numerical Data Mining. Knowledge of python (or R) is must. Working knowledge of scripting is desirable. Knowledge of computer science is preferable. Must have excellent analytical skills. Programming skills are a big plus. Participation in Hackathon or Kaggle competitions, prior experience in ML is strong plus.

Requirements - Should be able to work independently and small teams. Must be able to experiment with data and algorithm on his own. Will spend almost 50-75% time in programming to explore, prepare data and building models. Must have worked on some real data problems.